The Best!
So when it comes to purchasing a new home, I've learned that it can be very chaotic, frustrating, and will really put you to the test. It was a very hard process. With all the different people involved, inspectors, lawyers, realtors, inspections, Paperwork, there was one person through this whole process that was there for me EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! And that's DANA TEEPLE!!!!! When I wanted to give up, or I was concerned, or frustrated......she took care of me more than anyone has ever helped me. This is my first review I'm ever writing in my whole life.. SHE DESERVES THIS and anyone buying a home deserves to have at least one person who is there for you throughout the process like DANA TEEPLE!!!!! She went above and beyond the call of duty. And my family and I now own our first home!!! Thank you again Dana. I literally could not of done it without you having my back. Thank you 100x. Your the best. Sincerely, The Tompkins family.